Monday, October 26, 2009

Tracking Miss Winnie

Well, Miss Wartbobble is certainly getting her flying in, isn't she? First one continent, and then another! She has flown back across the ocean and is now writing to us about talking with ghosts, well, one in particular, Cyprian Youdle. But, I am wondering if she has made an error in her writings. In my research about Mr. Youdle, I found he perished during a friendly game of Quidditch in 1357, not 1857, as noted here . Mr. Youdle was born in 1312, so if he died as she said in 1857, I either have the wrong Youdle, or he died VERY old, or there is an error in the missive, as pondered above earlier.

Again, Miss Wartbobble has purposefully made some distinct letters stand out in her missive, DNT. I'm not sure as to their reference yet, but am wondering if I need to start putting these letters together to see if they will eventually spell out something? Hmmmm ...

But, I digress, as I need to state where she is located.

Now, in my research about the unfortunate Youdle, I found he was from Norfolk. As I have no way of getting to Norfolk to check it out, I'm pretty sure she's referring to the Norfolk in Great Britain, and not Norfolk, Virginia! Either way, both are tremendously far from where I am located, and I'm not able to visit them at this time.

Conversely, I checked on the Appleby Arrows, and they were formed in 1612 ... almost 300 years from the unfortunate death of Mr. Youdle.

Now, I ask you ... is there more than one Youdle?

Will have to continue reading between the lines before I come up with my official locational answer.

***** Later in the week ****
Okay, so earlier in the week I began this blog entry, and today I shall add to it my thoughts as to the whereabouts of Miss Wartbobble.

I'm still a wee bit confundled as to her exact location, but I'm going to take on the Appleby Arrows hint and suggest perhaps she has been resting in Appleby Village (in Lincolnshire), occupied by little more than 500 residents with 177 homes. Sadly, there are no shops or public houses here. However, I think, if she has a bit of free time on her hands, she may like to take a peek at St. Bartholomew's Church, with it's carved gargoyles and dragons. At least, I would. Makes me want to take a bit of a trip myself and see what I presume is a picturesque and charming little village.

More specifically, I can't state her EXACT location with Youdle, because all research I've done concerning the location of the game he was refereeing has become invisible. It just mentions the year and the match, no location.

So, that's what I say. She's been in Appleby Village. I can't get more specific than that!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Winnie's Wingings = Week 2

Wow, Winnie is sure getting around! She's had some distance on her broom this week, unless she apparated ... hope she brought her repair kit with her!

It looks as though she has flown out to the spring climates of New Zealand and is staying in Dunedin near the only castle in New Zealand, Larnach Castle. It's located on the Otago Peninsula. The views must be breathtaking. Did she take her camera?

And then she must have used the winds to help her, because she had a very long trip across the big pond ... unless, of course, she apparated! It appears she has visited/is visiting the Sugar Shack in the heart of the Laurentians in St-Donat in Quebec, Canada. This cute little shack is situated with two neighboring lakes ... Lake Archambault and lake Ouareau. Quite breathtaking, actually. It's almost like looking at an old picture postcard! Beautiful snow in the winter! I hope she remembers to get herself some maple sugar leaves!

Where to next, Winnie?

PS: Incidentally, what's with the cryptic green letters CLR and CLS? I haven't figured those out yet. I think they are important, but I can't figure out how they figure in!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where is Winnie?

Okay, I have come across a conundrum. I know many feel Winnie wrote from the Ministry of Magic, and more specifically, St. Mungos. However, there is one bit of information I glommed onto which throws me for a loop, and that's her salutation, where she wrote Ciao.

So, my question is: Is there more than one Ministry of Magic (one for each country)? Because, if there is, then I'd say she wrote from the Italian Ministry of Magic.

Now, I could very possibly be reading FAR more into this and making it much more difficult than it really and truly is ... therefore really making my answers way out there!

So, for this particular post, I'll take a leave of faith in that I am going beyond what is right in front of my eyes, and I'm going to say:

Winnie is at the Italian Ministry of Magic.

As for more specifics ... well, she could have been visiting the 75 wayward wizards who splinched themselves, as she did mention the rude bedside manner of some officials. Of course, she could have visited any other number of places, possibly several ... you know, killing two birds with one stone. Maybe she was called in for interviews about how she taught these students? Poor Winnie, being questioned by the Wizengamot!

We shall have to keep our eyes wide open for more owls to find out what really happened there!

More later ...

Monday, October 12, 2009

First Quidditch Homework Assignment

Here is what I found out about my fellow Quidditch players and HSKS-9ers! What a talented bunch they are!

1. Someone with the same craft as you (either those listed above or another one).
VeryBadDogs - knitting and crocheting
2. Someone who was born in the same month.
LoverofallEmo - January
3. Someone from a different country.
Spinningmaid - West Yorkshire, UK
4. A new HSKS Quidditch player.
5. A player who has been in 3 or more HSKS swaps.
Misslucy - Game #7!
6. A player who has a bigger stash than you! (And if your stash is the biggest, proudly say so!)
Wychwoodlady - 40
7. A player who both knits and crochets.
8. Someone who has the same favorite color as you.
Kauraqt - purples

I have so much trouble commenting on blogs, that I decided to go see what everyone has made or was making. I went through and commented on an item from each person's projects. I have to say, the one I loved the most was the Knarl by Wychwoodlady! It's TOO CUTE!

I also found that Smileynetta really like to make hats, and some folks have LOTS of WIPs! I hope they are able to get them completed! So many talented folks here ... anyone would be lucky to be paired up with any of the folks I peeked in on today!

Heading to the Quidditch Pitch for practice

It seems a bit chilly to be outside, but we have to get out there before the other teams. Need to practice in all types of weather so we're prepared!

Over the weekend, while repairing my broom, I received an owl stating my spoilee is Albatross Harbinger of the Appleby Arrows. She's new to our group of HSKSers, but I think she's going to fit in very well and very quickly. She has joined us from Deleware.

My spoiler is Maisy Muddlestix who hails from Australia and is on the Wigtown Wanderers team.

I'm wondering where some of my teammates are, now. It's nearly 7:30, it's not like them to sleep in like this! I mean, I know it's chilly out and all, but we'll warm up after a bit! That Gryphon wanted to do some broom work, but haven't seen hide nor hair of him.

Oh, wait ... it's a holiday!

Hey, that shouldn't matter ... we still have to practice, right?????

(stomps off the pitch looking for teammates)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quidditch Pitch - here I come!

I can't believe it's time for Quidditch. I've waited to see what this is all about, and now it's here.

I think one of my little house elves made off with my broomstick, so I may have to go digging around for it. Gryphon says little sis has used it to sweep the cobwebs and like from the garage ... but I haven't dared to wonder what may have happened after that! My guess is there are a few straws gone awry!

Now to find some Pride of Portree colors and gear up! Yippee!