Saturday, July 16, 2011

HLBOE - Herbology (6th term)

The Orthocarpus bracteosus (Scrophulariaceae), or Rosey Owl-Clover, is an endangered species of plant in Washington state.

It seems this species is restricted to one large meadow complex; a majority of the known plants are located within a county road right-of-way. Grazing is a concern, as well as maintenance of the county road and weed control.

It is an annual species, completing it's life cycle in one year. It flowers from June through August, and sets seed in July to August.

Magical Properties

Master Herbologist Witches and Wizards are trying to cultivate this special clover in large meadows. Various portions of the plant are used for phoenix birds. As rare as the phoenix bird is, that is how rare you will find this owl-clover. Most of the mysterious uses of this plant are kept in strict confidence by master herbologists and phoenix owners, and therefore little is in print. Apprentice herbologists, when going for their degree as a master herbologist, learn these properties and are sworn to the secrecy.

HLBOE - Colin Creevey Challenge #1 (6th Term)

1. Nargle (center) 2. Snape's Potion book (some muggle got hold of it and altered the cover slightly) 3. Luna's tennis shoes 4. Lupin's traveling case (black bear is personal item)
Tonk's before
Tonk's after