Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not sure what to expect during this event. But I've signed on via Team S.P.E.W. and will do my best to make my team proud.

I believe most of my work will be WIPS Dancing. I have a prayer shawl I started several years ago. It's time it was completed. I also have a variety of other started projects which need to be completed, but my main focus is going to be that shawl because it's for me.

If I get it done, I have some slippers in wool, which will need to be felted upon completion of being knitted, a headband that I'm learning to make with the fair isle technique, a pair of wool socks, and the second sock of a pair of baby socks.

If these all get done (yeah, right!), then I want to cast on a pair of mitts for the Mitten Moguls.

Time will tell what I will be able to complete!

GoTeam S.P.E.W. !

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On break ...

While HSKS is on break until after the Ravelympics, I have cast on for Dobby's Socks KAL ... the socks will be for me, but they are not progressing. I'm not motivated to get them done for some reason. I also have a sweater for my DD on the needles, and that's kicking my backside because I'm rewriting the pattern to a size that will fit her (larger). I have to improvise the pattern repeat to make it work near the shoulders.

I also joined Hogwarts at Ravelry and am "taking classes" and have been challenged to become imaginative for some items. Today I'm working on another small item for one of the classes. I have also completed a couple baby hats (for flying class) and a binary code iPod cover/cozy (for arithmancy class and muggle studies). (I was sorted into Hufflepuff house for this particular group.)

Monday, January 4, 2010

My HSKS9 package arrived!

All the way from Maisy Muddlestix in Australia ... it was well worth the wait!

Here are the packages as they were wrapped in the box. I loved the polar bears on the wrapping paper!

This is what I found inside! A beautiful purple and gold/yellow crocheted bag. It's amazing! Perfect for taking my current project to the local yarn shop for social knitting!
Three skeins of spun yarn by Maisy herself! I hope she tells me how to care for it! I know nothing of the type of yarns she said it was spun from. Wondering if they would be considered worsted or bulky? Also 3 skeins of a yummy purple soy silk yarn. I've been wanting to try that type of yarn! Yeah! She also made me a burgundy and black bookmark to remember her by ... as she is from the Wigtown Wanderers team. There was also a 2010 Australian calendar (perfect for keeping track of swap requirements!), a reindeer Christmas magnet, some Sherbet Lemon hard candies, and chocolates (yum!).

Closeup of the wonderful bag.
The chocolates and a HUGE candy cane! Yeah! Love peppermint!
One of the three skeins of the purple soy silk and the little reindeer.
Last, but not least, the bookmark, homespun yarn, and lemon drops!

Thank you so much for spoiling me, Maisy!