Sunday, October 24, 2010

HSKS 12 - Week 7 - The Seven Horcruxes

Here is a cool bracelet with all the seven Horcruxes.

Tom Riddle's Diary

Ravenclaw Diadem

Hufflepuff Cup

Gaunt's Ring

Slytherin's Locket


Friday, October 22, 2010

Super Secret Spoilee Surprize

I completed the test knit of the item I'm going to send to Lavender. Sadly, I'm still not allowed to show a photo or put it on my project page. I await the okay from the designer.

In the meantime I found out my poor son, Gryphon, has had to do a 180 change on his kit because the person he was spoiling is no longer a part of HSKS and he has a new spoilee. We've been working together to try and figure out what to do for Fuddles. It's really tough, because she has very little info on her Rav ID page! He did find out he can return the yarn he purchased, and we'll be making a trip to the other store to return all the other items he had already purchased for the previous kit. I'm very thankful he's able to return the items. It is an experience for this young man, as he's never had to purchase things, save receipts, and then return items before. Life lessons! The only item he can't return was the "treat" he'd purchased. He's decided to save it for himself, unless Fuddles likes seasonal holiday sweets!

To top off that hectic news from yesterday, my daughter decided to try and step over the baby gate on the stairs. It is not fixed to the wall, it's just propped there to keep DH's dog from going where she doesn't belong. At any rate, my daughter slipped, fell down the stairs, and crashed her ankle on the tile floor below. Of course, I wasn't home! By the time I got home I'd made the decision to take her to Urgent Care, because the doctor's office wouldn't see her. I was very disappointed with the medical care she received because the doctor, not once, sat down, looked at her ankle, or even touched it. She was x-rayed and then a fiberglass splint put on. She'll be splinted for about a week. We see her regular doctor next week. The doctor said she had an abnormality on her film, but wasn't sure if it was her normal ankle or if she had chipped it. This is important, because she's a dancer. So, we wait to see what the regular doctor says. Muggles! Go figure! Wish we could have taken her to Saint Mungo's!

And all the menfolk are off for the weekend to wallow in rain and cold on a camping trip. Yuck! Not me! I'd rather stay warm and dry. But, this is a scout activity and one needed for our youngest, who is a Webelos going for Boy Scout next February. Plus, the boys needs more camping for further advancement and badges. DH is going along because he's the Webelos II leader. Looks like it's just the girls this weekend. Although, I have to admit, it won't be too exciting. My daughter is getting her eyes examined and I'm afraid we'll be coming home with glasses for her. Poor thing.

And that is our week in review.

Back to knitting socks!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Reducio 12 - My kit has arrived!

My kit arrived from Gabrielle Rozier (bijou3owl). It was so fragrant we could smell it before getting to the mailbox to retrieve it!
Inside was the second mini sock she's ever made. It's so cute and she did a marvelous job! There was also lavender soap and two chocolate candies. I still haven't opened them. There was also the very aromatic spearmint tea. It was very overpowering. But the best part of the entire package was the mini shawl! Isn't it gorgeous? It's the Laminaria shawl. She split the lace weight yarn into cobweb and then knit it on DPN 0s!
Here is a close up of the fantastic shawl and mini sock.

Thanks again! I love it!

I hope to post below the package I sent, once it's arrived at its destination!

Monday, October 11, 2010

HSKS 12 - Week 5 - Matching

Okay, assignments are up and I just had to jump into this one. It was fun. Ron used a bunch of wands, so I included a snippet I found about him and then narrowed it down as I found the others.

At any rate, here it is:

Instructions: Please match up the wand (wood and core have been listed) with its owner. Each wand/ name of owner will be used once. Please use the web, books, each other for answers. Post answers to your blog for this week’s activity.

  1. Vine wood and Dragon Heartstring
  2. Walnut and Dragon Heartstring
  3. Hawthorn and Unicorn tail hair
  4. Hornbeam and Dragon Heartstring
  5. Ash and Unicorn hair
  6. Rosewood and Veela Hair
  7. Elder and Thestral Hair
  8. Mahogany and an unknown core
  9. Elm and Dragon Heartstring
  10. Cherry and Unicorn hair
  11. Yew and Phoenix Feather
  12. Holly and Phoenix Feather
  13. Willow and Unicorn Hair

a. Ron Weasley - 13. Willow and Unicorn Hair
b. Albus Dumbledore - 7. Elder and Thestral Hair
c. Mary Cattermole - 10. Cherry and Unicorn Hair
d. Viktor Krum - 4. Hornbeam and Dragon Heartstring
e. Lucius Malfoy - 9. Elm and Dragon Heartstrnig
f. Harry Potter - 12. Holly and Phoenix Feather
g. Cedric Diggory - 5. Ash and Unicorn Hair
h. Tom Riddle - 11. Yew and Phoenix Feather
i. Hermione Granger - 1. Vine wood and Dragon Heartstring
j. James Potter - 8. Mahogany with an unknown core
k. Belatrix Lestrange - 2. Walnut and Dragon Heartstring
l. Fleur Delacour - 6. Rosewood with Veela Hair
m. Draco Malfoy - 3. Hawthorn and Unicorn tail hair

Ron's Wand: Initially used Charlie’s old wand. There is conflicting information about his second wand. According to PA4, it is 14-inch willow containing one unicorn tail-hair, but according to Jo's website it is Ash (WEB LINKJKR). Ron used this wand until it was taken by the Greyback and the snatchers (DH23). He never got that one back. Eventually he won Pettigrew's: Chestnut and Dragon Heartstring, 9.25 inches, Brittle (DH23). Ron also took a blackthorn wand from one of the first set of Snatchers and gave it to Harry (DH19, 23).


I still remain in a quandary over my spoilee's kit. I don't think I've ever been so stumped as I am on this particular round. I have had no hits of inspiration whatsoever and it's getting me down. I knew I was going to have trouble with this particular theme, I just didn't know how much.

I have made two different items and purchased the yarn for the kit. Had to change patterns midstream, though. Frustrating.

I walk around and around knowing I need to do something else for this kit, but it's kicking me in the butt! I just don't want it to come back to haunt me before it's time to send it out. I have SO many things to make right now for Christmas, but this is the one thing from which my mind cannot let go. Hrumph. I'm in a pickle and a funk.

Time to shake it off. Wish chocolate wasn't so caloric!

Monday, October 4, 2010

HSKS 12 - Week 4 - Quiz and Essay

Oh my gosh, I'm not good at this sort of thing. I've only read the book once. We are always trying to read from book 1 to the end prior to a movie and we just haven't gotten through book 1 at all this year! ACK! I don't have free time to read or knit any more. It's so sad.

At any rate, my knowledge of the Deathly Hallows is very limited. We shall see how I fare.

  1. Why does Harry accuse Remus Lupin of being a coward? For leaving Tonks alone while she is pregnant and abandoning their child.
  2. Who is R.A.B.? Regulus Arcturus Black
  3. According to legend, what would a person become if he could assemble the Deathly Hallows? The Master of Death
  4. What is Ariana Dumbledore rumored to be? A squib.
  5. What is written on Harry’s parents’ gravestone? The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.
  6. Why does Krum want to fight Xenophilius Lovegood? Lovegood wore a necklace with the symbol of the Deathly Hallows on it and it was known to Krum as Grindelwald's sign.
  7. Why does Voldemort seek the Elder Wand? It's a wand that would overpower Harry's.
  8. Where did Dumbledore’s family live? Godric's Hallow
  9. Whose eye does Harry see in his magic mirror shard? Aberforth Dumbledore
  10. What item does Harry steal from Gringotts? Hufflepuff's Cup
  11. Where does Rita Skeeter get her information about Dumbledore? Bathilda Bagshot
  12. What is inside the Snitch that Dumbledore leaves Harry? The Resurrection Stone
  13. Why does Dumbledore leave Ron a Deluminator? Because he knew Ron would leave and would need help finding his way back to Harry.
  14. Why has Hermione not read The Tales of Beedle the Bard? She was raised as a muggle and not read them as a child. She read the book while on their trek through the woods.
  15. What is Dumbledore’s greatest regret? Helping Grindelwald (or even the circumstances surrounding Ariana's death - did he or didn't he kill her.)
  16. Whose mail did Snape open? As a child he opened Aunt Petunia's mail.
  17. What form does Snape’s Patronus take? A doe representative of Lilly's patronus doe.
  18. Why can the Sword of Gryffindor destroy Horcruxes? Because of the basilisk venom.
  19. What name is given to wizards who help Mudbloods? Blood traitors
  20. How do Harry and his friends enter the Ministry of Magic? They transformed using Polyjuice Potion and then entered through the toilets.
  21. Who made Harry’s wand? Ollivander

Essay Question

Choose one of the following questions and post your answer to your blog.

  1. How does Harry change over the course of the novel? Is The Deathly Hallows a true coming-of-age story? Harry's life is crappy and he's treated horribly. Hogwarts becomes his true family, and then his life/parent's life comes about to bite him in the butt. He cannot grow up as a normal child from age 11 on up. He is marked, figuratively and literally, for life. He has to actually struggle to stay alive and keep adults around him, and friends, alive. He has to face the most horrible thing in the wizarding world and still come out a whole person. Essentially, he has to meet the devil face to face and conquer him. His time at Hogwarts is about honing and strengthening his skills instead of making friends, joining clubs, etc., all the things young kids and teenagers do as they are coming into adulthood. So, I'd say, yes, it is a true coming-of-age story, but at an accelerated speed.

  2. In what ways do the dead speak to the living in this book?

  3. In what way do Ron and Hermione act as foils for Harry, drawing out his qualities and characteristics more clearly?