Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brave Little Knitters Cut Their Knitting!

Wee Tiny Steeked Sock

I am a member of the Wee Tiny Sock Club and our most recent adventure was into steeking! ACK! I've NEVER cut my knitting (at least not on purpose!). This is something I've wanted to learn but have been afraid to try. I was not going to venture out on a huge beautiful garment and then mess it up ... so those projects have stayed in hiding!

However, this club has afforded me the opportunity to attempt such a feat, and here it is as I went through each heart-pounding moment.

Back stitching with needle and thread to make sure the stitches, after cut, will remain secure. The best part of this was the fact the yarn we were using is very "grabby" and had already proven itself difficult to "pull out" when trying to repair a mistake. I knew if I missed something in my stitching, the yarn would save me later!
Both rows of stitches have been completed.
I turned my work inside out to make it easier to find the stitches I would have to cut.
Snip ... snip ... snip ... heart pounding away here! And, as I'm cutting, I'm realizing what wonderful fabric this yarn has created. It's thick, resilient, and the fibers are holding. I'm going to make it!
Almost there. Just half way to go!
DONE! I've done it! I've cut my knitting!
My project is complete. The steeking yielded an area to knit ribbing on both sides, one with button holes. I LOVE this project and look forward to making another Wee Tiny Steeked Sock.
This is the other side.