Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mixed Up World of Parry He Trot

Game #2 -- Woo Hoo

Okay ... here are my answers:

1. Chrome Cab Festers = Chamber of Secrets
2. Parry He Trot = Harry Potter
3. Oral Weensy = Ron Weasley
4. Angering Her More = Hermione Granger
5. Dry Off Grin = Gryffindor
6. Ark Darts = Dark Arts
7. Oracle Dorky Light = Gilderoy Lockhart
8. Chrome Cab Festers - Chamber of Secrets
9. See Flu Oh = House Elf
10. Parry He Trot = Harry Potter
11. My Molten Grain = Moaning Myrtle
12. Parry He Trot = Harry Potter
13. Oral Weensy = Ron Weasley
14. Parry He Trot = Harry Potter
15. Mold Voter = Voldemort
16. Crux Rho = Horcrux
17. Oral Weensy = Ron Weasley
18. Gayly Nine Sew = Ginny Weasley
19. Oracle Dorky Light = Gilderoy Lockhart
20. Snob In A Froze Parka = Prisoner of Azkaban

This was so much fun! I think my favorite anagram of them all was #7, Oracle Dorky Light! Thanks for the wonderful fun games, counselors!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy Times in the Attyc

Our house runs rampant this week ... material, sequins, doodads, you name it. Four munchkins who all dance! Among the chaos is the occasional taking on of a friend's munchkin for the day ... thankfully this is a non-calendared day and we are FREE to do as we wish. So, the munchkins are running amok and visiting the forest today ... wonder if they'll find pixies?

In the meantime, I am the lucky one catching up on wayward house chores.

Gryphon the Great and I were concocting plans for our kits the other day and he is nearly ready to post via owl ... I, on the other hand, am having a tough time and not really sure what to do (as I've given most of my ideas to The Great!

On the plus side, my sister checked in on our blogs and she fell in love with G'Whimzy ... she's wanting a dragon now, too. So, Gryphon and I are working together to develop one for her. We shall see how things develop. But, first, I have to pull him away from the tempting depths of the forest!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What I Like About You (Ravelry projects) ...

Well, to finish up this week's assignments, here are the projects I like and have commented on for my spoiler and spoilee ...

My Spoilee is Lizzie Wychwood/Wychwoodlady and I totally love her Gillweed Hat and Brae Mini Sock. I'm hoping to dig around and get patterns to make the hat for my daughter's baby doll and the sock for ... well ... me!

My Spoiler is Rowena Weasley/Rew and I think she did a fantastic job on her Ravenclaw satchel/bag. I have not yet learned how to do bags and am thinking it's something I need to learn to do! She did a beautiful job on it ... good graph work, I think.

Wingo - Blackout!

Okay, I stayed up really late, I snuck into cabins, I peeked into blogs, and shared lots of info ... here are my answers for Wingo:

W1 Lives w/in 100 miles of me - beccalou/Victoria Pettigrew, Manticore, Seattle
W2 Ravenclaw - CelticMommy/Bevin Rae Mooney, Billywigs
W3 Same patronus - Sylvo/Perenelle Tejedora, Cornish Pixies, Bear
W4 Been in HSKS before - Yarnguy716/Antonio dela Weasley, Manticore
W5 Spins own yarn - RodeoMom/Penelope Flitwick, Cornish Pixies

I1 Played Quiddich - Smileynetta/Hermione Bagnold, Erumpent, cyber-Quiddich
I2 More than 1 sibling - SirDancealot/Gryphon, Manticore, 3 other siblings
I3 Been to a castle - SeverusSnape/Ashwinder, Chateau de Chinon in France
I4 Same birth month - Tagesmom/Ferula, Billywigs, January
I5 Hufflepuff - Spinningmaid/Emma Wigworthy, Cornish Pixies

N1 Likes same candy - Miss Lucy/Fleur Sweeting, Cornish Pixies, Snickers
N2 New to HSKS - Thistlelovegood, Cornish Pixies
N3 Has wand and wizard hat - Dragonsinger/Rowena Dragonsinger, Billywigs
N4 Plays musical instrument - Strblysneetch/Fleur Dolohov, Ashwinder, piano
N5 Been on a train - DevonC, Erumpent, Paris to France

G1 Slytherin - Smartcinderella, Manticore
G2 More items in Ravelry queue - Georgiana/Girlywithatwist , Manticore, 248
G3 Makes stitch markers - Oliveknits/Olive Bumblebirch, Ashwinder
G4 Brought pet to camp - Mutz/Intarsia Bindoff, Phoenix, Dragon named Bubble
G5 Speaks another language - Helga ze Horrid, Danish

O1 From different country - Wychwoodlady, U.K.
O2 Dyes own yarn - Selana/Emma Gorodock, Manticore
O3 Owns a collection - Nosheep4chelle/Megaera Black, Phoenix, stitchmarkers
O4 Gryffindor - Mrs. Haggie810/Phelicia Phoenixfire, Ashwinder
O5 Worked at a summer camp - Dramaqt99/Cassandra Crimsonchin, Hinkypunk

Monday, June 15, 2009

What's In My Trunk?

Ambyr brought:

Alpaca yarn
Artistic supplies
Ambrosia (to share with cabinmates)
Alphabits cereal (snacks to share :) )
Amphibian repellant
Angora sweater in a lovely shade of purple for chilly walks in the night
Address book (have to send owls during camp!)
Allergy medicines
Angel hair pasta (for "crafts" ... pranks are an option!)
Anise for potions

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Erumpents Rule! Yeah!

Cabin assignment is in hand and I've picked out my bottom bunk away from the bathroom and the front door of the cabin ... near the window ... trunk is in place and G'Whymzy and I are raring to go ... heading off to breakfast with Gryphon the Great ... apparently our cabin mates are still sleeping.

I already blasted a tune on my trumpet ... which I took away from Gryphon ... to spread the joy of Erumpents!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gryphon the Great and I are packed!

This is so very exciting. This is the first year my son and I have done stuff like this together. I can't wait to get started on our workshops and to find out what we're going to be doing. This is going to be a fantastic summer!
This little dragon and I are armed with our needles. Just need to find the right yarn for just the right project! My little dragon's name is G'Whymzy and she's armed with her needles and ready to go!

Packing for Camp

Okay ... my needles are stashed, ends down, and the yarn is in a sack ... I'm ready.