Tuesday, July 20, 2010


W5 - Neila - Since HSKS3
I4 - Ann Kingstone - UK
N3 - SeverusSnape (Quietus) - Snape, of course!
G2 - SmileyNetta (Hermione) - 1 brother and 2 sisters
O1 - Angel101580 - Spanish

I actually have 2 WINGOs!!

N1 - Selana (she said lots and lots of destinations)
N2 - DanniBeez
N3 - SeverusSnape/Quietus - Snape (of course!)
N4 - Kauraqt/Puppy - Chocolate
N5 - AJKane - trumpet and piano

And another!

I1 - Tpau - Sprout Lake, Jewish sleepaway camp
I2 - Loomatic - none pictured (not sure how to get specifics)
I3 - Dragonsinger - dragons, wolves, thimbles, HP
I4 - Ann Kingstone - UK
I5 - Wychwoodlady - many places

And yet another!

W2 - Sherry Harrison
I2 - Loomatic - none pictured
N2 - DanniBeez
G2 - Hermione - 1 brother, 2 sisters
O2 - Suenosdejmi - 5

WINGO - to help you along!

If you are looking for input on your WINGO, here are some things which might help you out :)

W2 Yes, have seen every HP movie in the theater.
W3 Black Bear Patronus
W5 Started HSKS in summer camp last year (HSKS8)

I2 I dyed yarn two days ago, and am planning another skein today or tomorrow.
I3 Black bears, Tea cups, Disney Salt and Pepper shakers
I4 Live in US

N1 Yes, from Baltimore to Philadelphia.
N3 Yes, I have a wand and wizard hat! My wand is wooden. (Need more?)
N4 Chocolate, gummy bears
N5 I play piano, flute, handbells, and percussion (bells/bass drum), and glockenspiel.

G1 Sorry, I don't have a favorite brand of yarn. :(
G2 (I only have 1 sister)
G3 Yes ... Powys Castle ... to name one.
G4 Like in HSKS 10? Then, yes. In Muggle form, no.
G5 January

O1 Yes ... ASL, some French (been a LONG time, though)
O2 I have none in my queue. So everyone has more than I do!
O3 Yes, I do.
O4 Yes, we do.
O5 Yes, a tiny knitting dragon named G'Whymzy and my owl, Fle.

Monday, July 12, 2010

HSKS - Summer Camp - Kit Choices

I don't think I'm a finicky person or even slightly picky, but I am a bit OCD when it comes to putting things in a dishwasher a certain way or even folding my laundry.

However, these kits have thrown me for a loop. I couldn't decide which one I liked the best, and in all actuality, they all are first place in my book for various reasons. I like a little bit of something from each one.

To top it off, we could ONLY pick three, and in my little world, I would have listed them all. My spoilee can not go wrong with any choice.

However, to aid in kit assembly, I thought I'd add these tidbits into the workings of my brain and why I finally listed the ones I chose: Nature, Game, Craft.

I find the outdoors peaceful, this is not to say it is my favorite place to be! I abhor bugs and insects and hot weather. I LOVE the autumn weather and what I call "sweater weather" and would be perfectly happy if each day was the same perfect autumn day. However, that being said, we all know that is not possible! I love to hear the pretty little birds singing around our house; to watch the bunnies as they hop around our yard; the chipmunks as they scurry (hopefully away from our eaves); the occasional dear that pops in to take a nibble on the tall grasses; and the pretty birds who visit our feeder during the colder months to gather seeds and whatever else we put out there. So, for a nature kit I have looked through things and come up with the following: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-acorn-project-bag ; http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/falling-leaves-socks-3 ; or http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/vignes-vineyard-dishcloth .

As a family we like to play games, both inside and outside. We we live in a fairly wet and chilly climate, we tend to play more indoor games. The kids and I LOVE Harry Potter and for the longest time were collecting HP trading cards for the trading card game (not motion picture cards). Sadly, they have stopped making them :( I also appreciate traveling games, something easily packed to take along on a ferry ride, or when waiting during dance classes, etc. Books are also a favorite past-time, so bookmarks are always needed. Here are a couple items I have found which I think are cute and would be fun: Pass The Pigs ; a dice bag ; sockology bookmark for sock pattern books ; piccola bookmark ... but then again ... anything fun is always good :)

Well, here we are, at the toughy. Crafts. I have done some beaded stitch markers and earrings and a couple bracelets; I've knit tiny socks and other tiny things; scrapbooked numerous photos; TAKE photos all the time; have done some paper crafting (not a lot). But, I have not tried needle felting or spinning. I am still in the learning phases of felting and not sure I'll ever catch on to spinning ... that's an expense I am not quite ready for and does not, to me, offer the instant gratification of a completed project. I have done decoupage and stamping. But, I always come back to my needles :) Perhaps crafts was not quite the kit I should have chosen ... and maybe that is why it is at the bottom of the list :)

Well, there you have it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting to Know You ...

This reminds me of a muggle musical, "The King and I" or "Anna and the King."

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you ..."

Oh well, I digress. I sat watching Gryphon update his blog before he left for muggle boy scout camp and thought perhaps I'd better get on the ball and add some information to my blog. I hope this helps any and all get to know me a bit better.

* Allergies - smoke, cats, and scratchy yarns (sensitive skin)

* My favorite color(s) - lavender, plums, mauves
, and as of late, cheery/bright yellow (not goldenrod, not mustard, not neon), and turquoise. I also like some earthy tones.

* Lease favorite color(s) - greens, blues, oranges, black.

* Favorite HP character(s) - Molly, Luna, Sybill, and Minerva (although I do like Hermione and Hagrid, too)

* Knit or crochet? - Both :) I'm bi-stitchual.

* What weight yarn do you use the most? - I tend to use more sock yarns.

* Favorite fibers/least favorite fibers? - I like soft and squishy, and I like my sock yarns to be able to withstand wear in the heels and toes (I'm very rough on heels!). My least favorite are scratchy acrylics and wools, as they tend to irritate my skin (I have very sensitive skin). I am not partial to stripes and don't like striping or pooling yarns, but I do like self-patterning yarns (these are difficult for me to find, as most stripe and don't self-pattern).

* Favorite gadgets - row counters (I've seen some bracelet types online, but never up close and not sure how to use them, but I think they are cool/neat); homemade stitch markers (I think these are personal and when themed are awesome)

* Other things I like - Little black bears, buttons are cool, handmade stitch markers (because they mean more), mechanical pencils (I know, odd, huh?), cool pens (just because they are neat or oddly shaped, etc.), scrapbooking or regular stickers (we homeschool, so we are always using stickers :) )

* Any knitting tools you've been drooling over? - Well, like I said, in the gadgets line, and then there are the harmony needles, which are ever so pretty and so nice to hold.

* Would like to try, but hesitant to actually do? - Dyeing, needle felting, and spinning.

* Any items you absolutely do not want/dislike/no longer need? - Acrylic yarn - I was given several bags for baby hats and other projects and I have so much that it will take me a while to get through it all. I'm working through it for charity knits.

* Hats/Scarves/Shawls/Mittens? - I don't wear hats (I don't look good in them); I have a plethora of scarves for keeping warm, but nothing that is dressy (to dress up an outfit); I have "keep warm" shawls, but nothing to dress up an outfit; and I have more than enough mittens, but I have never made myself hand warmers, as I tend to do that for everyone else.

* Pierced ears? - Yes :)

* Favorite projects - pretty socks and hand warmers :)

* Favorite designers - Sheila Joynes and Ann Kingstone

* Salty or Sweet or ... ? (favorite food items) -
In essence, a combo person I guess, chocolate covered nuts or just peanuts or almonds, just chocolate (not dark), raisins (or chocolate or yogurt covered raisins), goldfish, black licorice, gummy bears, chocolate/yogurt covered pretzels

* Tea or Coffee or ... ? - Decaf tea (Earl Gray or peppermint); hot chocolate

* Measurements:
feet - 10.25" heel to toe; 9.25" arch; 9.5" ankle; 9.25" ball of foot/first knuckle of toes
hands - 6.5" wrist; widest part of hand 9.5"; 7.5" length of hand from wrist to finger tips

* Anything else you care to share? - I'm a stay-at-home mom to four, ages 9-14, whom I homeschool. We are a very close Christian family and it's tough when one or more are away from home more than a day at a time. Floo Network, brooms, and the ability to apparate would be prized in our home :) We tend to share all things, and try to spend time together whenever we can and share many interests with each other. We all really like HP a LOT (well, kids and I are a bit obsessed I guess :) ) and enjoy reading the books aloud (me reading, they listen); playing games (board and card); and they LOVE to dress up and be specific characters. I even made my youngest son an invisibility cloak one year for his birthday. We are always trying to find something else to add to their costumes to make them more authentic. And there you have us ... a houseful of zany and fun-loving knuts!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hogwarts Little Bit of Everything (HLBOE)

The little bear is my marker:

1) nagini
2) dudleys diet breakfast (get it righ tor dot get the points. what could it be?) ;)

The reference I found was that Petunia gave Dudley 1/4 of a grapefruit, and when Uncle Vernon left the table for the mail, Dudley stole his father's 1/4 grapefruit as well.

3) the weasleys letter envelope inviting herry to the quidditch world cup.

The reference I found to this had Uncle Vernon reading a letter to himself and Petunia from Mrs. Weasley asking if Harry could come. So, I addressed this to Mr. and Mrs. Dursely instead of Harry, as the salutation in the letter was to the Dursleys.

4) ton tounge toffee5) the portkey (you know the one) to the quidditch world cup :0)


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Camp - Shell Cottage

Ah, the luxury of a seaside cottage ... I am so looking forward to hunting for seashells this summer.

I so enjoy the sound of the ocean and think I should be sleeping soundly in the evenings. Campfires on the beach ... yup, this is going to be a good summer.

Exits cottage for a romp on the sandy beach looking for unique shells.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Reducio 11

7/15/10 -- My package should be sent out from the owlery today. It has a long trip ahead of it!

I got my package today! It's amazing! When blogger lets me, I will post a photo.
Such wonderful goodies! Three absolutely beautiful dishcloths! I love the turquoise color as it's calming and cheerful. The whole theme had a blue hue - how Ravenclaw!

The little Ford Anglia held a divine piece of soap, as did the Ravenclaw sock (which also had some lip balm). There was a tea bag dish and three little bags of tea ... which are very timely as we are having unseasonably chilly weather, and also two specially selected treats for the children (no color dyes), as well as treats for our dogs (which were eaten and photographed right away).
Again, a stupendous package and I am so thrilled. I hope the person I am spoiling will be just as happy as I am!

Here is what I'm devising for my spoilee - (minus the tea pot)