Saturday, August 29, 2009

And so we say farewell ...

I don't like this part, where we have to pack everything up and head home. Why is it there is no room in the darn trunk when it's time to go? It all fit before! I had so much fun here at summer camp and it was a terrific experience for me. I'm going to miss chatting with everyone and evening sits around the campfire toasting marshmallows and working on projects. I want to thank Hermione, my cabin counselor, for EVERYTHING she did for me as a newbie. I hope to be teammates/cabinmates again in future HSKS events.

Well, I need to go, otherwise I'll have to charm my glasses with wipers to clear away the tears. Have a great school year ... hope to see you at Hogwarts!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cruising the Lake today

Have socks, will travel! I finished a pair of socks and started another pair. While DH reacquaints himself with his youth (high school reunion), the house elves have played park tag and I sat and knitted. Love the portability of socks! I thought I was going to get both of the pair on needles, but I've just plugged along on the one and hit the heel this morning. We have a 6 hour trip ahead of us for home tomorrow, I'll have plenty of time to get the other pair on the needles ... unless I just work to finish the one up. Not sure what I'll do ... depends on my mood I guess.

Today we are taking a cruise of the lake ... something I've always wanted to do (but we've never spent the money on). (As it's part of the reunion package ... we get to do that today!) Debating if I want to bring the socks with me ... afterall, have socks, will travel! And they are portable! Wonder if we'll see anything interesting in the inky depths?

But, as summer winds down, and the thunderstorms roll and roil overhead, and the last vestiges of the lazy days disappear behind the hazy blue-gray mountains, I sadly must say good bye to summer camp and get ready for another school year. Ho-hum. I hardly feel like I had a summer at all at this point.

::disappears back into the cabin to begin packing my trunk for home::

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Here! It's Here! My Workshop Kit is Here!

I took the house elves to the free movie at the local theater and came back to find an owl had delivered my package! It is so beautiful! I can't post photos just yet ... making lunch for the house elves now. But, I took lots of photos and will get them posted as soon as I can! Yeah!

Oh, and Rowena ... it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I'm in love with the bag! (Well, if one could love inanimate objects!)
Okay, it's later, and the kidlets are fed ... oops ... house elves ... and I was able to take some photos. The lighting does NOT do justice to the lucious color of the bag.

Here is the yummy bag, which has a set of stitch markers pinned to the front of it (close up photo below). Rowena also sent some beads and instructions for making my own stitch markers! Also included in the kit is the Gryffindor House bag pattern and yarn! I've had my eye on this for a while! Along with this she has included several bags of herbal tea (she knew me ... I can't drink caffine), which was labeled CALM ... the perfect tea for drinking while working on a beading and fair isle project!
Her partner in crime???? My own son ... Gryphon the Great! He sure was sneaky!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ho-Hum ...

Patience really was never one of my virtues, and, as I am not virtuous, I am not patient! As the days roll steadily along I continue to haunt the owlery on continual lookout for any feathered creature wending its way toward our humble abode. ::sign::

Can't believe summer is nearly over. I've packed my trunks and am not prepared to head home to start another school year ... the house elves aren't quite ready to be there, either. Wonder if homeschoolers can take a year off? ::wishful thinking::

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Linking Marauders' Map Idea

This is not my creation, but that of papilionette on which was posted on July 26, 2009 at 4:49 p.m.

This is something I REALLY want to make and I'm a pattern person ... so I have to find a pattern, first ... but it's definitely something I'm going to do at some point! Too totally cool!!! I want to make it for my DPNs!