Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reducio 15 - The Hospital Wing

And the mystery continues! This round of Reducio was based on the hospital wing. I sent out Dobby in his tea towel, skelegrow, and a Slytherin sock. I also sent a small sewing kit (for suturing), some mini chocolates (for dementors), and a sachet of lavender (for good sleep).

Below is the package a I received today. Each item was carefully wrapped up in separate tissue packets.
Madam Pomfrey has recruited me to help bring aid to Hufflepuff students. I have completed my internship with her and she has set me off with these items to help Dumbledore's Army and their defeat of the evil which will begin at Hogsmead.

The pad of parchment is for me to record all my activities, a package of powdered pepperup potion (peppermint tea), a reducioed Hufflepuff scarf that can be engorgioed to warm the neck of a chilled Hufflepuff ... it has also been infused with a vampire-repelling charm. Isn't she smart?? Then there is a small bar of chocolate in case there is a dementor attack, a wee vial of balm designed to sooth minor injures (and only to be used for Hufflepuffs, as it's magical powers are geared toward their characteristics), and lastly, the CUTEST talisman in Hufflepuff colors. LOVE the beaded flower on the side of the wee tiny sock! Just perfect!

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