Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reducio 14 - Ministry of Magic

From Arthur Weasley, Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

Arthur and the boys were intrigued with "cow tipping" but it seems it got out of hand and things did not turn out as expected. They were unable to find any cows, so set about trying to tip sheep instead!

The Weasleys were apparently misinformed about the spell to be used. Sadly, a sheep, frog, mermaid, and dragon subsequently were disastrously changed in and adverse way.

My package included a wee black felted zippered notions bag, a frog pen, and a severely reducioed mermaid and dragon. I have been working diligently since Arthur's post to try and return all objects to their former selves. I have minions in the office working on a spell to bring the dragon and mermaid back to size, but it seems the sheep and frog are forever deemed to be a zippered bag and pen. Both the mermaid and dragon have been informed they will have a home in our green belt if they so desire when returned to their normal selves. In the meantime, my daughter has decided to try and learn mermish and my youngest son is taking the opportunity to study the dragon in depth.

Oh, and Arthur, if you read this, I have your scarf! Our owl, Fle, shall return said scarf as soon as our horrendous weather improves. In the meantime, as it is also reducioed, I hope you don't mind if we let the dragon use it to keep warm until he returns to full size. I offered the wonderful Gryffindor sock to the mermaid should she decide she wants to sleep in a cozy manner vice a small bowl of water.

Thank you, Arthur, for the wonderful tea. I'm frozen through to the bone, so you couldn't have sent anything better!

All the best!

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